About Us


To provide Precheck in Inspections services to the public that is affordable, safe and consistent. We aim to be the solution and choice for consumers in an industry that is lacking innovation and often plagued by high prices that puts the customer at a disadvantage.


Airngels is a Precheck in Inspections, checkout inspections, cleaning, plumbing, electricals, heating/cooling, landscaping/pool services/thrash service provider company.

The Airngels Experience

We at Airngels have taken on the responsibility, challenged and task of providing services that is affordable, easy to use, hassle free and that utilizes conventional and modern technology. All of our services can be easily access by means of website, call centre or mobile app and we can also be reached at night or day by phone, email, Whatsapp, Facebook and even Instagram.

A Safer Community

We believe you deserve a safe service, safe enough for us to trust our own mothers, sisters, children and loved ones to use. So we have created guidelines that protect and help customer and service provider enjoy a safe and comfortable experience. Any person who doesn’t follow these guidelines may be at risk of being removed from our service for the safety of the Airngels community.

Airngel is One Tap Away

Airngel is the simplest way of finding the people you need. One tap and Airngel is on the way.

Airngel is an application that connects you in real time with the people you need for a job that you need done.

Our smart search functions prioritizes the nearest service provider so that they can assist you as soon as possible.

Choose how to pay

When your work is done, your card will automatically charged. With Airngels, the choice is yours.

Your Feedback is our Concern

We will provide a feedback system for our clients to rate their service providers on the quality of work that they do. Our clients can also contact us directly if there are any concerns with regards to our affiliates.

Experience the new service

Order a Service

  • 1) Choose a job you want done.
  • 2) Choose your schedule

Follow the arrival of the Airngel live

  • 1) Input your address
  • 2) Allow the App to search for the nearest Affiliate

Pay with the Service app

  • 1) Choose your payment option (Cash or Card)
  • 2) Await for our affiliate to arrive and carry out the needed job
  • 3) Settle Payment Once Service is Completed

Additional functions

  • 1) Rate our affiliate based on work done
  • 2) Provide comments and feedback for the service rendered